Our Focus is You

Science continues to understand and improve how our bodies are interconnected,  with improvements in one area having a positive impact on a different part of the body.

When we began helping people over 4 decades ago, our focus was limited to helping you have a confident, healthy smile. Today we understand that our treatment requires an expanded focus on health and wellness.

We consider ourselves guides. Studying and understanding the functionality of your oral structures and airway, what you eat, how well you sleep, and what pain you might be experiencing can be more easily treated with this expanded understanding. If needed, we can work with your primary doctor to get you on a path to better overall health and higher energy.

You’ll benefit from our thorough diagnostic evaluations, performed regularly during your care, allowing your health care providers to adjust treatment to achieve your optimal outcome.

A treatment plan is developed specifically for you and may include changes to your diet, an oral appliance to resolve your sleep or pain issues, or myofascial release to get your body moving with better fluidity and less pain.

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