Laser Dentistry

Lasers are the latest and greatest in the field of dentistry, and we here at MyoTech are very excited about the many benefits laser technology provides to our patients. We pride ourselves on giving our patients the best and most comfortable experience when using this innovative technique. In some cases, patients are able to enjoy an anesthetic-free procedure. 

There was a time when snoring loudly meant a night of interrupted sleep and trouble for your significant other.  And a time when a root canal meant a lengthy, sometimes painful experience trapped in a dentist’s chair. Advancements in treatment and technology have changed the way we think about medical conditions like those.

Today, solutions that were once reserved for the wealthy or famous, are now available to you through advanced providers like MyoTech Dental. Safe, efficient, and surprisingly affordable, MyoTech relies on proven laser technology to help you feel and look like you’ve dreamed. Our Fotona Lightwalker Laser harnesses the benefits of two laser wavelengths.

See how we MyoTech can help you with some of our cutting-edge laser technology!

NightLase® Snoring And Apnea Treatment

Do you need a device to combat snoring or sleep apnea? NightLase® laser technology offers a gentle, effective way to combat your sleeping troubles that may eliminate the need for an oral device.

MyoTech is an expert at NightLase® laser technology, which minimizes the effects of sleep apnea (especially when combined with other apnea treatments) and reduces snoring amplitude. Laser pulses gently and safely penetrate oral mucosa tissue, causing collagen to contract, tightening the loose tissues that contribute to snoring and sleep apnea.


LipLase® is done to help plump the lips and lessens the smoker’s lines that occur around the lips.  You can have improved lips within four treatments the natural way without using fillers.

SmoothLase® and NeckLase®

Using the same laser technology as our medical counterparts, the doctors at MyoTech are able to reduce wrinkles on your face below your eyes and on your neck.

Once again, both laser wavelengths are utilized to obtain the best results.

Once you reach the age of 30, collagen begins to break down. The results are wrinkles and sagging skin. The laser treatments improve the collagen in your skin, essentially reversing the effects of aging.

TwinLight® Endodontic Treatment

Yesterday’s root canal treatments could leave the root canal only partially cleaned. MyoTech provides a two-step process using TwinLight® laser wavelengths to help address this issue. The first step uses a photoacoustic streaming method which harnesses the power of the Er:YAG laser to create non-thermal photoacoustic shock waves within the canal to improve cleaning.

The second step of the TwinLight® Endodontic Treatment uses a deeply penetrating Nd:YAG laser wavelength to thoroughly decontaminate the dentinal walls.

TwinLight® Periodontal Treatment

Safe, accurate laser technology has transformed how the experts at MyoTech perform critical periodontal (gum) procedures like gum pigmentation removal, deep cleanings, and crown lengthening. What once may have been a time consuming process can now be performed quickly and simply.

MyoTech relies on Fotona’s TwinLight® Periodontal Treatment, a comprehensive and minimally invasive periodontal therapy incorporating two of dentistry’s most effective laser wavelengths. TwinLight® treatment means you’ll experience the unique benefits of each wavelength.

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