MyoTech Dental
Comprehensive Family Dentistry
MyoTech Dental And Integrative Health

MyoTech Dental and Integrative Health Center is full of highly trained individuals who understand the interactions between your teeth, diet, sleep quality and pain care.

Our comprehensive care goes beyond creating pretty smiles. Your teeth and jaw affect how you sleep, your enjoyment of food and your quality of life. By looking at how your body’s systems are related, we can offer treatment options that go beyond traditional dental solutions.

General dentistry including exams, myofunctional orthodontics, implants and dentures are offered to patients of all ages. MyoTech dentists go beyond creating beautiful smiles and offer treatment for facial pain and headaches, provide sleep solutions and guide patients toward improved health and wellness.

MyoTech Dental and Integrative Health Center’s philosophy is simple: compassion and commitment….WE CARE.